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It seems safe to say that we have all survived the Mayan apocalypse and are having to get used to writing ‘2013’.  So what do you suppose  is the number one thing that most people have forgotten to have on their websites this lovely new year?  Any guesses?  It’s not a personal photo (although I highly recommend that!)  It’s not a rate list or a tagline or a contact form or even a call to action.  Want to know the one super-simple-easy-to-fix thing that many savvy VA’s have neglected this year?

To change the  copyright date on their websites to 2013.

2013Many online business owners have a copyright date, usually located in the footer of their website, with the date the site was created.  And in my opinion, it should always reflect the current year.  Why?  Because clients are turned off when they visit a website that was built years and years ago.  If your copyright date is more than a few years old, it leaves them wondering WHY you haven’t updated recently, wondering if you still offer the same services, wondering if you still have the same prices – and wondering whether or not you’re even still around.

It’s such a small, simple, little thing you can do to keep your website looking shiny and fresh…and if you really want to look like a super-star you can be pro-active enough to send a wee little reminder to your clients (who have forgotten) and offer to fix theirs as well.

For the Brainier-than-me Gals, there is code that can be installed on your website that will automatically update your copyright date every year.  For the not-so-Brainy-gals (myself included)  There is also incredible WordPress themes that will do it for you (I like Headway!) But if you don’t have a theme or code installed, it is still worth having a quick peek at the bottom of your site (and your client sites) to make sure the copyright date now says 2013.

*image source  Lisa is an affiliate for Headway Themes



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