8 Traits of a Successful Virtual Assistant

I recently had the pleasure of watching a TED talk by Speaker/Educator Richard St. John on ‘The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common

Mr. St. John spent a re-donk-u-lous amount of time (10 YEARS!) scouring the globe and interviewing over 500 successful peeps to discover what traits they had in common.  What exactly made them the super-successful leaders in their chosen fields? He interviewed people in careers from A-Z (literally…from Astronauts to Zoologists), the famous, the infamous, the notorious, the leaders and even 4 Nobel prize winners to discover what traits made them so successful.

What he came up with are the common traits for success in ANY field – including (in my opinion), the Virtual Assistance Industry.  I’ve listed his findings below, along with how YOU can use them to become a supah-star Virtual Assistant. 

1.  Passion – You need to have fun being a Virtual Assistant.  You need to regularly feel that magic little buzz that jazzes you up just thinking about your V.A. biz.  You don’t have to love EVERYTHING about your business (I can’t even begin to describe how much I loathe bookkeeping) but in general you need to tap into happiness often and feel some excitement working on your business.

2.  Hard Work – I really can’t stand when I see business coaches who claim to have built 6-figure businesses while working only a few hours a week.  It’s B.S. Every successful person I know (EVERY single one) has had to work very hard to get there.  Same goes for a Successful Virtual Assistant.  The trick is – when work feels fun to you, you won’t mind doing it…In fact, you’ll enjoy it.

3.  Focus – It’s easy to get distracted…and pulled in a million different directions in this industry.  Some people give up too quickly or simply lose interest.   Success never really happens overnight – you need a strong focus to keep you moving towards your goals

4.  Push – Every single one of us (including  moi) is filled with self-doubt.  Every step I take towards building my business I am consumed with doubts, fears and anxiety.  But to get to the success, you have to PUSH yourself.  You have to leap off that cliff and believe that you can achieve more than you ever thought you could.  Push yourself to greater possibilities.

5.  Ideas – A successful Virtual Assistant is an idea-generating MACHINE!  New ideas hit you up in the shower or pop into your head in the middle of your favorite reality TV show. My trick is to jot them down immediately because ideas are fleeting.  No matter how weird or dumb they seem – keep the ideas coming.  It is always the new ideas that you come up with yourself that set you apart from all the other Virtual Assistants out there who are simply copying or following others.

6.  Improve – Here’s an interesting thought:  Everything you do the first time should probably suck.  Seriously, My first speaking gig sucked.  My first Client Consultation sucked.  My first blog post sucked.  My first website sucked (do you see where I’m going with this?). But to be successful you need to keep improving. You need to get through the ‘sucky‘ one in order to move on to the good one.  Keep building on your skills and knowledge. Always improve.

7.  Serve – You MUST be giving value to someone else to be a successful Virtual Assistant.  BELIEVE in how valuable your particular skills are and KNOW how much your skills can help clients.

8.  Persist – There will be times as you build your Virtual Assistance Practice that you feel like giving up.  Every Virtual Assistant will be faced with challenges, frustrations and, here’s the BIGGIE: FEARS.  You will need to persist through the tough times and take action in spite of your fears and failures to be a highly successful Virtual Assistant.

Want to rate yourself on how many of the 8 Success Traits you have?  Visit Richard St. John’s Website and download his free worksheet by CLICKING HERE.



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