Preventing Perfection Paralysis

I’m a perfectionist.  I ‘go loco’ when things are out of place, I cringe at sloppiness and spelling mistakes make me itch.

My new website (leave me comment luv if you like it!) has been a work in progress for months now,  while I fixed and fiddled trying to create my own version of ‘perfection’.  A few weeks ago I mentioned to a VA coach that I would be ‘putting my new website up in the new year’.  She said something shocking to me: “Put it up now.  Better done than perfect.”

Really?  Yikes – not in my world, lady!  In my world things are better hidden until absolutely perfect!

But it got me to thinking…why not put it up now?  It was done, if not as pretty as I wanted it to be. The answer is stunningly simple:  I am insecure.  That’s it.  Trying to make things perfect is just another way of hiding.  I had been telling myself that I was still working on it…but truthfully I was too insecure to launch it.  So guess what?  I LAUNCHED EARLY.  I launched it as it stands.   And do you wanna hear crazy awesomeness?  I’ve had nothing but rave reviews, I’ve sold new services I hadn’t planned to start until 2012 and I’ve gained new clients!  Badda-Boom.  None of that would have happened if I still had that website behind the scenes making minuscule changes to all of its imperfections.

So what are  you hiding until it’s perfect?  Are you waiting to ‘start your VA practice’ because it’s not the perfect time?  Do you want to launch a new product or service but are too insecure that no one will buy it?  Thinking about writing a book but worry that maybe you’re not smart enough?  Put yourself out there Brainy Gals!  Do it today and find the rewards sooner.  Don’t wait until everything is perfect or you’ll be waiting forever.  That product, that service, that book, that website…it’s better done than perfect.  Right?

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Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.

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