30 Days to 3 New Clients...
for Virtual Assistants
Self-Study Program

Trying to get clients but still struggling?

You see other Virtual Assistants who have successful businesses with high-quality clients...

...you just can’t quite figure out HOW they are doing it!

  • "Where do you find all those great clients?"
  • "How do I land consistent clients and best support them?"
  • "What do I need to do to lead me to MY ideal clients?"

You know you’ve got a lot to offer.  You just don’t quite know how to attract your ideal client and you need help to make your VA business amazing. Until you learn how to easily attract clients, you’ll never be able to grow your business and live the life you’ve always wanted.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. You can serve your ideal clients through your Virtual Assistance business and make good money. You CAN achieve your BIG dreams.

And we can help.

We can make attracting clients totally non-overwhelming.

Not frustrating.

Even fun.


Emily Kristofferson

I began my business as a Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager more than six years ago. I quickly had a full practice of happy clients. Now, I provide strategic consulting to women entrepreneurs so that they can cut through all of the confusion and make the switch from hobby to profitable online business.


Lisa McDonell

I’ve been exactly where you are now. I know the fear, frustration, and uncertainty that can keep you stuck. By following some simple steps, I was able to turn it all around and create a successful, money-making, waiting-list-only Virtual Assistance business. And now I show other Virtual Assistants how to do the same.

Stop struggling.  Stop trying to do this alone.

There is a better way to get new clients again and again. It’s possible and this is so for you.


Self-Study Program 

30 Days to 3 New Clients:

  • Is designed to give you a simple and fun repeatable process to getting clients right away. We’ll show you exactly how to fill your Virtual Assistance practice with high-quality clients. 
  • Is a FOUR Module, no-fluff, easy-to-follow video course PLUS worksheets and daily action challenges to provide you with what’s really needed to get successfully attract clients again and again.
  • It’s for Virtual Assistants (brand new or experienced) who need an easy solution to attract ideal clients. You’ve got people to help! Services to sell! Money to make!
  • No more excuses. No more waiting.


  • Having a full roster of ideal clients who you’re excited to work with
  • Knowing that you can take the right steps to fill your business at any time
  • Finally feeling like you’re helping people
  • Feeling confident in yourself and the value you provide to your clients
  • Making good money as a Virtual Assistant!

The possibilities are endless once you learn how to attract clients!

I had ONE client. I now have ELEVEN!

"​I have Lisa McDonell to thank for having a thriving business today. After two years of floundering around trying to figure out my Virtual Assistance business, I decided I needed help and hired Lisa to be my Coach at the first of the year. At that time, I had one client. I now have eleven. Lisa helped me focus on what I wanted my business to be and what niche I should serve. I will be forever grateful and will always look to the Brainy Gal for guidance."

Quay Hayden

Here's what we'll be covering in  
30 Days to 3 New Clients:

A Positive Online Presence 

We start by showing you how to establish a professional online presence that won't cost an arm and a leg!  You’ll learn EXACTLY what we did to build our own businesses to waiting-list-only so you can do the same in your V.A. practice. You’ll be crystal clear on what you need to do in order to have potential clients eager to say “Yes!”.

Social Media Savvy

Understand the strategy of using social media to build relationships and then learn how to convert these relationships into actual paying clients. We’ll be teaching you the exact skills and deliverables you’ll need to find clients using Social Media without wasting any time or money.

The Back End of Business

Build a Virtual Assistance business that you’re proud of and feels good to you. In this week, we’ll be defining your services, intake process, policies, and payment so that you can run your business smoothly and immediately build trust with potential clients. Learn the PROVEN client attraction strategies that worked for us and dozens of Virtual Assistants we've mentored.

Effortlessly Generate Referrals

Referrals are the fastest way to fill your business with clients but you need to be able to work effectively with your clients. We’ll show you how to do this and then include the specific steps you can take to get high-quality referrals. Also, learn how to get amazing testimonials that inspire others to invest in you.

No more worrying where the next client is going to come from! These are the exact strategies and skills that we used to fill our waiting-list-only businesses.

Here's What's Included: 

  • 4 MODULES VIDEO COURSE to give you the best avenues to reach the people who need you most and attract the right clients. Watch at your own pace.  All Video modules and worksheets will be available to you immediately upon signing up.
  • 30 ACTION CHALLENGES emailed to you over 30 days, to keep you moving forward and inspire you to implement.
  • ADDITIONAL RESOURCES including worksheets and sample templates that we've used successfully to attract clients in our own businesses
  • A PRIVATE FACEBOOK FORUM where you can share something you’re struggling with or get encouragement, ask questions of the instructors or celebrate with other like-minded women with big dreams.
  • BONUS:  Additional Video Training:  Working Through Your Fears so that you can confidently show up in your business. Business Strategist, Emily Kristofferson will be sharing strategies that she’s used and helped her clients to build courage while doing what it takes to build their businesses. Remember success is an inside job.

Get all FIVE Video Modules

All modules are yours to access immediately, download and keep forever.  Daily challenges will be emailed over 30 days to keep you accountable to taking action steps - and finding clients!

You'll get a complete marketing system

By the end of 30 days, you’ll have a complete marketing  system that allows you to attract all the clients you need with total confidence.

Stop wasting time
Don't re-invent the wheel

You’re ready NOW and it’s YOUR time to have a money-making, freedom-granting Virtual Assistance Business filled with clients you love.

How much?

We KNOW we're crazy making the program this inexpensive! We wanted to make the 30 Days to 3 New Clients Self-Study course affordable for anyone who has big dreams and wants to step up to support other entrepreneurs. 

It will literally pay for itself if you sign even ONE new client!

(That makes this a really easy decision, doesn't it?) 

Since finishing the course, I have already gained TWO new clients!

"I loved the Virtual Assistant Makeover Course! It was jam packed with vital suggestions for tools, tricks and tips for building and growing your Virtual Assistance business!  Since finishing the course, I have already gained two new clients! Lisa's course was so inspiring and motivating - she really shares a lot of relevant and revenue producing knowledge! I can’t wait until she offers more courses!"

Lisa Johnsen

You CAN do this!  

It's time to get YOUR next three clients (and more!) We can’t wait to celebrate your results with you.

XO, Emily and Lisa

I can't express how much this material will help me as I grow my VA business

Emily has such a calm presence and she’s really able to teach all of the information in such an orderly manner. It can be so overwhelming but she takes it all step by step. I can’t express how much this material will help me as I grow my VA business. Emily is a great mentor!” 

Dannell Bostick 


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