Top 10 Mistakes
Virtual Assistants Make
When Attracting Clients
and What to Do About It
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Whether you're an aspiring Virtual Assistant looking for that very first client or a seasoned V.A. wanting to fill your client roster, there are mistakes we see being made over and over again. Are you guilty of any of these TEN common mistakes that scare away clients? Find out in this FREE workshop. We'll share the mistakes we see everyday and give you the low-down on what you need to do to avoid them so that you attract BETTER clients with total CONFIDENCE and fill your Virtual Assistance practice FASTER.


Join Online Business Strategist, Emily Kristofferson along with 'Brainy Gal' Virtual Assistant Coach, Lisa McDonell for this totally free workshop where you'll learn plenty that you can use right away!

Emily and Lisa have been working with Virtual Assistants and other online business owners since 2010. Over the past 7 years, we've seen V.A.s making the same common (and easy to fix!) mistakes that prevent them from attracting high-quality clients.

Knowing how to avoid these everyday mistakes is the first step to growing a hugely successful Virtual Assistance business filled with clients you love. Ready to find your first or next client? Register now!

Emily Kristofferson

In this FREE WORKSHOP you'll learn:

  • THE WORST WAY TO RESPOND to a Request for Proposal (and how to do it right)
  • HOW TO EASILY AVOID the most common errors that other Virtual Assistants are making so you stand out
  • HOW YOUR SERVICE OFFERINGS may be holding you back from finding clients
  • THE #1 COMPLAINT clients have about their Virtual Assistants
  • 5 WAYS that FEAR can be holding you back (and you might be surprised)
  • EXACT STEPS to fixing errors that make you look unprepared and unprofessional

WHEN: Wednesday, August 30 at 10am (pst) / 1pm (est)


The Top 10 Mistakes Virtual Assistants Make When Attracting Clients
and What to Do About It

Are you ready to easily attracting more clients now? Join us for this FREE workshop and learn how to fill your Virtual Assistance business with ideal customers today.