Three Words to Make Your Business Easier

Three Words to Make Your Business Easier

January can be a tough time of year for some.  The fun of the holidays has worn off, the credit card bills have hit your inbox and the weather outside is a miserable mix of cold and wet.  Have the winter ‘blahs’ left you feeling a little less love for your business lately?  No worries, my V.A. friend.  Lucky for you, I have three words that can turn your business ‘blahs’ into business ‘hurrahs’ and make your Virtual Assistance business feel a whole lot easier.

Any time I have business tasks that are crushing my soul and sucking the joy out of my Virtual Assistant Lifestyle – I apply one of the THREE A’s:

  1.  ABOLISH it.  (Can you get rid of this task completely? )
  2.  ADORE it.  (Can you turn this task into something you adore?)
  3.  ASSIGN it.  (Can you delegate or assign it to someone else?)

Let’s use an example of a task that may be dragging you down:  Bookkeeping

Hate bookkeeping?  Me too.  So what to do?  Simply apply ONE of the THREE A’s:

  1.  ABOLISH IT.  Can you just stop bookkeeping entirely?  Probably not…try one of the other ‘A’ words…
  2.  ADORE IT.  Can you learn to love bookkeeping?  Maybe.  Perhaps you light a scented candle, sip your favorite bevvy and put on your favorite tunes while you do it?
  3. ASSIGN IT.  Can you give the task to someone else?  Hire a bookkeeper perhaps?

Using any one of the THREE A’s you can stop disliking bookkeeping and focus your hard-earned attention somewhere else in your business entirely.  Wanna try another example?

Maybe you loathe marketing and posting on Instagram.

  1.  ABOLISH IT.  Is it really necessary to post on Instagram at all?  Might your time be better spent on another marketing activity instead?
  2. ADORE IT.  Maybe taking an Instagram Marketing course would help you learn to love it?  Perhaps a better camera or photography lessons would make the job easier and more enjoyable?
  3. ASSIGN IT.  Can you delegate Instagram Marketing to someone else?  Perhaps you could hire another V.A. for the job?  Or farm it out to your teenager (mine is likely better than me at using Instagram anyway).

Apply one of the THREE A’s to any job that doesn’t ‘light you up’ and your life and business will fell a whole lot easier and way more fun.



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Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.