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Struggling to Make Money as a VA?

I see this phrase all the time on Virtual Assistant websites: “…A Virtual Assistant costs much less than a traditional employee…” It makes me cringe.  It makes my blood boil.  In fact, (even though my mom taught me never to use this word)…I ‘HATE‘ that phrase. First of all because it’s waaaay over-used and BO-RING!  But mostly because […]

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Successful Virtual Assistant

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Virtual Assistant?

I’m often approached by women who want to know if they can make a living working from home as a Virtual Assistant.  They usually tell me about their past careers, education and skills.  They want to know if their particular concoction of work + life experience will make them a successful Virtual Assistant. Here’s the truth:  I don’t know. Honestly?  Any […]

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The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up Your Office

On a whim – I recently picked up a copy of Marie Kondo’s best-selling book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,  the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing Throughout the pages of this whimsical little book, Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo teaches her radical ‘KonMari Method‘ for banishing clutter, managing mess and organizing your home.  What excited me most was the […]

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Virtual Assistant Blogging

What if you HATE blogging?

Let’s be clear:  You don’t HAVE TO do anything.  But when it comes to writing a blog for your Virtual Assistance biz?  You probably should. Quite often during my private coaching sessions for Virtual Assistants, I am asked: “Do I have to write a blog???  Even if I reeeaaalllly hate blogging?” I gotta be honest […]

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Cozy Up Your Home Office for Winter

Oh hellllzzzzz it’s COLD in Canada today. This morning as I sat bundled in my car (which barely started) while waiting for the school bus (which also broke down in front of my house) it was a balmy -39C (-38.2F) with the wind chill. Brrrrrrrrr.  That is “don’t-you-dare-stick-your-tongue-against-your-metal-zipper” kinda cold! Which leads me to today’s blog post: […]

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