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Become a Virtual Assistant – The Virtual Assistant Forums Guide to Success: Book Review

A few weeks ago I was given a copy of  the Virtual Assistant Forums “Become a Virtual Assistant” ebook, and asked to write a review.  I was honored and excited…but also a tad nervous.  What on earth would I write if I didn’t like the book? Thankfully, all my fears were unfounded.  ‘Become a Virtual […]

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If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Let me tell you about my (lack of) snowboarding skills.  When I was a younger gal, my room mate and I decided we were going to take up snowboarding.  So one weekend off we drove to a mini-mountain, rented snow-boards and proceeded to spend the day torturing ourselves in the snowy hills. The moment we […]

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Top 5 Mistakes New Virtual Assistants Make

Here’s my short-n-sweet list of the top mistakes often made by new (and not-so-new) Virtual Assistants.  Your success depends on how well you can avoid these bad business practices: 1.  Not Charging Your Worth –  In this economy too many VA’s are slashing their rates to try and compete for clients.  Competing on price just […]

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