This strategy session was PERFECT! People gasp at how much coaching costs, but I've told everyone I know that my call with you was worth EVERY penny. It was exactly the motivation and collaborative brainstorming I needed to move my business in a new direction. I liked that you answered all of my questions in a very direct way. I also like that you got right to the point with where I was having difficulty growing my business. It really clarified things for me.  I started recommending you to other VA's the day after our session!

Amber McClincy
Virtual Assistant, Be Vibrant Business Services 

 I thought my Strategy Session went smoothly because of the pre-session work and I think that your strategy sessions are formatted well.  I applaud the fact that you were prepared and that we basically covered all of the questions that I indicated and we pretty much stayed focused and on task.  I would definitely refer your strategy session to others. I have already done so! 

Rhonda Randall-Bell
Virtual Assistant 

Getting to know Lisa and spending three months of coaching was wonderful and very helpful. I FINALLY have my marketing plan figured out and it’s not just 1 thing, I’ve got so many cool ideas that all connect and flow into one another. 3 months ago, my thoughts and ideas were all over the place. Today, I see nothing but a green arrow moving in an upward direction and words can't express how wonderful it feels. Lisa has been such a pleasure to work with. I’ve enjoyed every session we've had together. Having Lisa as my VA mentor to bounce ideas off, get advice, share unlimited thoughts via email, brainstorm together and solidifying that vision was well worth the investment."

Stacey Shanahan
Virtual Assistant, VA Business Help

​"Honey, you've been my mentor, encourager and queen of Virtual Assistants. Lisa is my 'check-with' person. Thanks Lisa! If you are looking for coaching for Virtual Assistants...Lisa is high-calibre!"

Jan Udlock
Virtual Assistant,

​Lisa was one of the first people I bought coaching from because I felt comfortable with her. I felt like Lisa let her personality out and that led me to trust her. The coaching session was particularly useful because Lisa told me things that I needed to hear in a way that was kind and not harsh. I STILL to this day talk about our conversations over building packages 🙂 I thought Lisa was particularly helpful to talk to about packaging services and I personally have seen that this is a huge pain point for brand new VAs. Since our session, I'm a whole heck of a lot picker about who I work with and what I do for them. I have really become a resource for other entrepreneurs. I've been able to charge a whole lot more. Directly after our conversation I changed my packages and that helped A LOT. I have often recommended Lisa as a coach 🙂 She has a good way of knowing what the VA needs to hear. Lisa is an awesome resource with a ton of information. :)"

Luz Donahue
Author, 'Become a Social Media Virtual Assistant

Lisa really gets Virtual Assistance and what it takes to be successful. She brings her expertise to your business and helps you move forward. Her support has helped me to take action and attract new clients. I would recommend her to any V.A. who wants to learn from a high-quality mentor who has done it herself."

Emily Kristofferson

​I have Lisa McDonell to thank for having a thriving business today. After two years of floundering around trying to figure out my Virtual Assistance business,  I decided I needed help and hired Lisa to be my Coach at the first of the year. At that time, I had one client. I now have eleven. Lisa helped me focus on what I wanted my business to be and what niche I should serve. I will be forever grateful and will always look to the Brainy Gal for guidance."

Quay Hayden
Virtual Assistant for Coaches, Q&K Consulting

"Lisa has really helped me to keep my eye on the ball as I launched my Virtual Assistant business. She has provided wonderful feedback to any of the questions I had and always came prepared with awesome topics and resources for our coaching sessions. Because of her I truly felt that I started ahead of the curve and know where to point my business in the future. I know how exciting and overwhelming it can be to launch a business, but Lisa definitely used laser focus to help me keep things in order and to know what to focus on before getting ahead of myself. She knows this industry and was a wonderful sounding board on some ideas I had, as well as offering her own on how to help me in different aspects of my business. I would have been lost without her!”

Jamie Hovey
Virtual Assistant, JLH Virtual Services

I loved Lisa McDonell’s Virtual Assistant Makeover Course! It was jam packed with vital suggestions for tools, tricks and tips for building and growing your Virtual Assistance business! The course combined the attributes of live phone meetings, worksheets, lists of tools and tips and recordings of the live calls, so that you got the most you could out of every week’s lesson! Lisa even included some bonuses which gave tons of ideas to spruce up your LinkedIn profile. Since finishing the Virtual Assistant Makeover Course, I have already gained two new clients! Lisa's course was so inspiring and motivating - she really shares a lot of relevant and revenue producing knowledge! I can’t wait until she offers more courses!"

Lisa Johnsen
Virtual Assistant, eDelegating Virtual Solutions

​The thing I liked best about Lisa's Virtual Assistant Makeover Program was it's practicality! After implementing what I was taught in the course, my self-confidence was boosted. I would, of course, recommend this program to anyone! Lisa gave simple step-by-step instructions and encouraged us to put it into practice. When we did, she gave honest, transparent comments on what we did well and how it could be improved."

Robin Carter
Virtual Assistant, Rockin' Robin Virtual Assistance

​Lisa might have been an answer to my prayers as to shaping and marketing my Virtual Assistant services. I think very much out of the box and like to use humor where possible and appropriate. Lisa's coaching, website and blogs have been a real blessing to this newbie. I always appreciate her cheery attitude and when I address her I don’t feel like a cog in a wheel."

Liz DeCamp
Virtual Assistant, Veteran Office Support Services

​Here is what I got out of my Virtual Assistant Strategy Session: Massive Breakthroughs (I LOVE this buzz word, totally stealing it!), a new and clearly defined Niche Market, tips for getting new clients and referrals, a clear social media marketing strategy (which I have implemented as of tomorrow), lots of blog ideas, and lots of brand-building ideas. I also raised my rates! I’m more confident as a VA and working on becoming the high skilled, specialized, techie VA I aspire to be! It was ALL value and totally worth it!"

Josia Tutaki Denton
Owner, Go Girls Marketing and Design

​This month I went through everything, all of the training materials from Lisa's Virtual Assistant Makeover program, from start to finish. I completed all of the worksheets and it’s made me so clear about where I want to take my biz. I don’t see myself as just a Virtual Assistant anymore, but definitely as an Online Business Strategist! This is definitely my bag baby! Thank you :)"

Janet Kafadar

Since I was just starting out as a Virtual Assistant, I needed an expert's advice. I was so glad when I came across Lisa's website. I knew instantly that I had to speak to her! The thing that attracted me the most was that her website was different and the information/tips she provided truly showed that Lisa wanted to help new VA's in this business. The coaching session was great! Lisa has a way of motivating her clients, which for me, made me want to move forward with my business. Thanks again Lisa!"

Gladys Onatu
Virtual Assistant, G-Splendor World Services

​"Thank you so much Lisa. My Coaching Session was on point, in a relaxed and laid back manner. I learned so much. The advice is invaluable and I intend to use to the best of my ability to better myself. I am very grateful. I would not hesitate to refer anyone who needs coaching."

Dima Maripe
Virtual Assistant, DLM Travel Group

Lisa and I collaborated on a project and it was nothing but a pleasure to work with such a professional and ethical woman. She pays attention to every detail and really cares about the people she is working with. I recommend Lisa without hesitation and look forward to working together with her in the future"

Reese Ben-Yaacov
Online Business Manager and Marketing Specialist

"Thank you so much for being you! I feel beyond blessed to have you with me on this journey. Wow - my book ended up and still is Number one! Thank you, Lisa McDonell for formatting, reformatting and reformatting the jumbled mess into a real book. Thank you for working so tirelessly under major deadlines. I am so so lucky to have you, thank you."

Marianne Emma Jeff
Owner, Women's Business Momentum Center

There is no comparison between Lisa's quality of service and my experience outsourcing work to other Virtual Assistants. She immediately 'gets' what I'm trying to do and makes it easy to trust her. Lisa is a fantastic resource"​

Jevin Maltais
Owner, Quickjack Solutions

“I can’t thank Lisa enough, The Brainy Gal aptly describes her; intelligent, savvy and extremely helpful. She walked me through what I should be looking at for a simple yet, effective Web Site at very affordable rates. She designed it, got it up and running and made suggestions to help my small agency business. I know I can count on her when I need marketing and up-to-date digital communication experience. Lisa’s amazing!"

Ken Edwards
Owner, Kanmar Inc

​Lisa is professional and has proven herself to be very knowledgeable in her field. I was impressed with her thoroughness. It was a pleasure working with Lisa. I would definitely use Lisa’s services again and will certainly recommend her to others. Thanks Lisa!"

Fatima Arnett
Administrative Professional, Virtual Admin Support