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I’m Lisa McDonell

Virtual Assistant, Marketing Specialist, and Business coach.  I help women start and grow a SUCCESSFUL Virtual Assistant Business, using highly sought-after marketing techniques, technical skills and Social Media.  I am not another over-priced business mentor churning out the same fluff you hear every day.  I use cutting-edge techniques that are different from many business and marketing gurus today.  Techniques that help people change and improve their lives and businesses.  Here’s my story:

In the beginning…

I worked at my business ’round the clock  – or so I thought.  I was actually just burning myself out with time-wasters that got no results.  I used to guzzle coffee to combat my lack of energy and binge-eat sleeves of cookies to ease stress.  I was anxious about my startup biz, making almost no money, had mood swings and two chins.  Living that way made me a depressed cranky-pants ready to give up on my business and get a cubicle-dwelling job someplace in Siberia.

…and today

Lisa McDonell laughingIncredible amounts of hard work, Technical Skills Training and Business and Marketing experience led me to turn my first Virtual Assistance Business from barely surviving to totally thriving.  I filled my practice and even weeded out the not-so-hot clients until I was working only with high-quality people I adored. I was constantly asked by other newbie entrepreneurs how I did it…and soon  I began coaching, training and empowering other women to launch + grow their own successful online practices by showing them how to take their ‘big dreams’ and turn them into profitable companies using technical skills, marketing and social media.   I also hit the books in nutrition school and learned how to stop the endless cycles of stress eating, mood swinging, weight gaining and life-hating.   My entire life turned around.  I found my confidence soaring, my business booming and I started ‘playing’ my way through each day.  Today I have a relaxed, rewarding, money-making business that I love.  I am actually excited to live my own life.  Best of all, I did it without having to work 24/7 and drink ‘green juice’ every day (I think it’s yucky). I can show YOU how to work smarter (they don’t call me Brainy Gal for nothin’) and give yourself a daily dose of self-love, free time and the techniques to build a successful online business of your own.

The Serious Creds:Lisa McDonell Credentials

Lisa has been running a highly successful Virtual Assistance, Online Marketing and Business Coaching practice since 2011. She is the creator of the Virtual Assistant Makeover Program and the ebooks Twitter Tips for Virtual Assistants and 50 Ideas to Promote Your Virtual Business.  Lisa has been a featured speaker at Virtual Assistance events around the globe including Red Deer College’s VA Certificate Program, the IVAA Online Summit and the Alliance for Virtual Business – Australian Chapter.

She is a Certified Health Coach and graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, with expertise in Business Development & Marketing, Coaching and the science and art of personal transformation. She has studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top experts, leading researchers and health authorities.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts from Toronto’s Ryerson University.

Lisa McDonell Headshot framedThe Real Lisa:

Lisa is a happy wife to her hubby of 14 years and Mommy to a trio of super-happy, healthy little girls + one fur-baby.  She is truly passionate about helping other women improve their own lives. Lisa adores marketing, iphone photography, whole-food cooking and is a complete Social Media junkie.  She’s a 5′-nothing shortie who loves laughing, strong coffee and red wine (don’t tell the other health coaches!).   She is attempting to take up running (emphasis on attempt) and is a self-proclaimed ‘Brainy Gal‘.

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