Living Your Best Life in 2017

As a Virtual Assistant and Entrepreneur, I’ve spent a lot of time reading, studying, worrying, embracing and thinking about the challenge of “how to live your best life“.  It’s what I’ve wanted since I started my V.A. business almost 6 years ago.  A business that helps others and makes money.  A life filled with laughs, ease and relaxation. It’s what I hope and strive for daily.  It’s also what I help my clients work towards in THEIR lives and businesses too.

Then along comes a year like 2016 to sucker punch me in the face.  Along with most of earth’s population I cringed at world events and watched helplessly as my celebrity idols passed away in a seemingly endless procession.  My father died unexpectedly leaving my siblings and I with broken hearts and a messy Estate to settle.  Trump become the President elect (wtf?). Our extended families and close firends dealt with serious illness, divorces and the unspeakable sorrow of a suicide.  The cherry on top was spending the last two months of 2016 in a cast with a broken ankle trying not to feel depressed or anxious as we whizzed towards the holidays.

I will fully admit that, like many,  I felt overwhelmed by it all.  I had to take a step back from my business…cutting down hours and doing less marketing.  I felt like I needed time to sleep and recover and read and get outside.  I did everything a little bit slower while I searched for the tiny pieces of goodness.

Over the holidays…I realized something VERY important:  A well-lived life is a collection of successes, adventures, amusements, comforts, struggles and failures.   Yes…you read that right.  Your best life includes the hardship.  You’re going to fail, encounter challenges and difficult times.  And that’s actually a GOOD thing.  We LEARN from those hardships.  We grow stronger.  Have you ever noticed how plants thrive after they’ve been cut and pruned?

The difficulties also help us appreciate the good things even more.  An easy Spring day feels extra awesome after a long and tedious winter.  A hot bath is especially soothing after a hard workout. Our ‘good times’ could never be so good if we didn’t have the challenges to balance them out.

We also mustn’t forget that the crappy experiences often turn into the most amusing stories to tell:  “Remember that time when…”

On a personal level, I can already see how last year’s challenges have made me into a more mindful, ‘live-in-the-moment‘ type of person.  I’ve become so much better at slowing down and appreciating the little bits of happy stuff. I realize this sounds a bit ‘woo-woo’ but sipping a hot Starbucks? Pure pleasure. Sticking my face in the boughs of the Christmas tree and inhaling? Divine. And this is where is gets REALLY insane: I even have a new love  for doing dishes.  Lately I’m completely blissed-out by the feeling of sticking my cold hands into a sink full of hot, soapy, scented water and wiping dishes.  It’s true…invite me for dinner and I’ll prove it 🙂

This is a brand new year (thank goodness!) and I am feeling so freaking excited to get back into the swing of my business hustle and enjoying my life as a more ‘mindful’ chick.   Your Virtual Assistance Business…just like your life…is meant to experience ups and downs. Your best life isn’t meant to be a string of ease and good-times.  Every business and life is supposed to have sucky times too. Work through them and you will grow, become stronger and appreciate the outcomes on the other side.

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping your 2017 is everything it’s meant to be.





About the Author

Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.