Let’s Cut the Crap About Work/Life Balance

Lets cut the crap about work life balance

If there’s one thing I know for sure (and I feel like Oprah saying that)…it’s that when you are a Virtual Assistant, work/life balance is a myth.  And that’s actually a good thing. 

Back in my days as a miserable cubicle dweller, I thought I excelled at balancing work and life. I had no kids.  I had office clothes and work clothes.  I had office hours and home hours. I had a ‘job’ and I had a ‘life’ and the two were ‘separate’ things.  I also HATED my job and LIKED my life.

When I became a Virtual Assistant in 2011…I discovered that I couldn’t possibly separate my work from my life any longer.  Kiddos needs came at me all hours of the day and client needs sometimes happened at 10pm.  Work clothes or PJ’s became a daily choice. Some days I was glued to my computer feeling guilty about how long it had been since I cut my kiddos toenails and wondering if my neglectful parenting would cause permanent damage.  At other times I was playing ‘Ring-Around-the-Rose’  for the 18th time while worrying that I wasn’t marketing (or meditating, or at the gym or making a dent in ‘laundry mountain’).

Over the past 6 years I have taken 4 courses in productivity…read more blogs on time management and listened to more podcasts on work/life balance than I can remember.  This year – I have found something that WORKS…and I’m so excited to share it with you that I’ve teamed up with the creator, Marianne Emma Jeff to offer you guys a FREE CLASS: The V.A.’s 3-Step Formula to Becoming a Feel-Good Productivity Machine

The first thing we all need to realize is that when you are a Virtual Assistant – essentially you ARE the business.  You’re selling yourself.  Your ideas, your skills, your experience.  You’re working from home so your personal space is also your work space.  The way you look and dress and present yourself are part of your brand.  So it’s time to jump off the guilt-train and realize that we don’t need to create an imaginary ‘balance’ or separation between our work and our lives.  We don’t need to ‘isolate’ the two…we need to embrace that our work IS the way we spend our life and a happy life includes meaningful work.  Upgrading your business leads to a happier life and upgrading all areas of your life leads to a more successful business.

Since working with Marianne and using this 3-Step Productivity Formula…I’ve made more money than in any quarter of my business over 6 years.  I’ve also found time to have more fun, renovate my dining room, I’ve lost 17 lbs and I have more excitement for my business than ever before.  Last week I even saw the bottom of my laundry basket for the first time in years. (I wish I were joking).

This program is not about creating a 7-figure V.A. business while you workout, raise nobel-prize winning kids, have floors clean enough to eat off, volunteer and get weekly mani/pedis.  That is a recipe for guilt-ridden, anxiety driven disaster.  This program is about embracing the way you live and work and making easy but effective upgrades that are totally customized to fit YOU.

If you want to learn exactly how we do it…join us for the FREE class!  The V.A.’s 3-Step Formula to Becoming a Feel-Good Productivity Machine will show you exactly how to implement:

  • DAILY HABITS that lead to a more successful Virtual Assistant Business and a happier lifestyle
  • CREATING SPACE to come up with killer ideas that make you happier in life AND in your business
  • GOAL CRUSHING strategies…they call Marianne the ‘Get it Done Diva’ (seriously…that’s even on her license plate!)  And she will share how she does it.
  • HOW TO FIND YOUR PASSION  It’s easier than you think and can motivate the heck out of you
  • TINY UPGRADES you can try in every area of your life and business that WORK

I’m excited to share this system with you guys!  Like REALLY excited…so please go ahead and CLICK HERE to register for the class now.






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