How to convince your husband you should take the training…

Last week I hosted a complimentary training call for Virtual Assistants, during which I shared my 5 Smart Steps to Virtual Success.   As you can well imagine – prepping for that call has kept me pretty darn busy.  And to make matters even more interesting (read: insane), I was helping one of my wonderful clients get ready for a HUGE event she held on the same day 🙂

Can you see where I’m going with this?  Basically…I haven’t had one spare second to blog.  Or eat.  Or sleep.  But that’s another story.

So here I am the night before my newsletter goes out deciding what to share with you all and I’ve had a crazy idea:

 How to Convince Your Husband to Let you Take Training.

For real.  That is what we’re going to blog about today.  Why?  Because I’ve had DOZENS of emails this week from women (just like you) who really, reeaaallly want to sign up for my Virtual Assistant Makeover course but just need to talk the hubs into letting them pay for the class.   And ladies…we need to get on this quick.  Because right now I’m offering early-bird pricing of $100 off the regular price of the program!  But only until Friday, Sept. 20th at midnight.  That gives us roughly 2-3 days to convince Mr. Wonderful.

So here’s what we’re going to tell our better other halves: 

1.  If after completing the Virtual Assistant Makeover program, you were able to sign just ONE NEW CLIENT…that would MORE than pay for the entire cost of the program

2.  If the Virtual Assistant Makeover program gave you enough skills and confidence to raise your current rate…that would MORE than pay for the entire cost of the program

3.  If the tips from the program helped you to attract lots of new prospects to your Website and Social Media pages…ultimately at least ONE of them would become a client.  Which would MORE than pay for the entire cost of the program.

4.  If you were able to implement ANY or ALL of the money-making tips for creating passive income from module 6 into your business – that would MORE than pay for the entire cost of the program.

5.  By NOT taking the Virtual Assistant Makeover program you are far more likely to spend months researching, making costly mistakes and searching and searching for good clients.  That would suck.

6.  That new chainsaw hubby wants costs $256.42 and he will only use it once.  The Virtual Assistant Makeover early-bird pricing is FAR less than that…and you’ll use the skills you learn EVERY DAY to earn back the initial investment and make even more money, for years to come.

So slip on your best sales face and get to work on selling your husband (boyfriend, parents, kids, wife, partner…whoever is the gatekeeper to your finances!)

And do let us know how it goes in the comments…can’t wait to hear the responses you get 🙂

VA Makeover Square

The Virtual Assistant Makeover

This is a jump- in and get dirty program where we will work together to cover the business tools and know-how you need to ‘makeover’ your Virtual Assistance biz.  You’ll walk away with the confidence to build your online enterprise and the smarts to take your work from ho-hum to HOLY COW!  With support, worksheets, inspiration and accountability, the Virtual Assistant Makeover can TRANSFORM your business!

SPECIAL:  EARLY-BIRD pricing available only until Friday, September 20th at 12 midnight EST.  

CLICK HERE for details or to register!




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