Are you Considering Becoming an Online Entrepreneur?

Becoming a Virtual Entrepreneur  is the most rewarding career decision I have ever made.  I know when I began I had loads of questions – and  I spent many months (waaaay too many months!) researching Virtual Assistance, Online Business and Marketing and learning new skills and software.  I also forked over TONS of cash trying to find answers while I experienced sleepless nights worrying, wondering and wasting time. Sound familiar?  Had I been ‘brainy’ enough to hire a business coach from the start…it would have been a lot less stressful and cost-effective!

Now I am passionate about wanting to make YOUR transition into the world of Virtual AssistanceOnline Business and Marketing as smooth as possible by offering…

BUSINESS Coaching Packages

I love to mentor women interested in taking control of their lives, having more free time and making money by becoming an Online Entrepreneur.  To find out if one of my Coaching Packages might be right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you need answers now about the Virtual Assistance industry, but don’t have a clue who to ask?
  • Have no idea how to find, consult with or sign up new clients?
  • Do you have questions about making an effective website?
  • Are you tired of wasting time reading ‘Free Resources‘ that aren’t very helpful?
  • Wonder how to set your rates, collect payment and make enough money to make a living?
  • Are you confused about which Virtual Assistance books or courses are worth the money?
  • Need help creating a Client Welcome Package (or ideas of what needs to be in it!)
  • Do you worry about getting advice from a Business Coach who can’t even spell Business Coach?
  • Do you find some of the business and marketing ‘self study’ courses FAR too expensive?
  • Would it be helpful to have a highly experienced, highly successful Virtual Assistant willing to answer all of your questions and guide you through the next steps?

Did you answer ‘Yes!’ to any of the above questions?

I am offering highly informative (but still fun!)  coaching for women just like you who are interested in having an Online Virtual Assistance Business and want to do it right from the start by finding clients, making money and structuring your business efficiently.

Choose from a one time Strategy Session to jumpstart your business FAST OR/ a 3 Month Coaching Package chock full of ideas, support, guidance and accountability!

Strategy Sessions 3 Month Coaching Package

Click to find out if a Strategy Session is right for you!

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My coaching session was ALL value and totally worth it! Here is what I got out of my Strategy Session:
-MASSIVE Breakthroughs (I LOVE this buzz word, totally stealing it!)
-A new and clearly defined Niche Market
-An exact idea of where to go to get new clients from my niche market (I know where they hang out!)
-Tips for getting new clients and referrals
-A clear social media marketing strategy (which I have implemented as of tomorrow)
-LOTS of blog ideas
-LOTS of brand building ideas
-I’m more positive about creating a business based on referrals that is entirely virtual
-I raised my rates!
-I’m more confident and working on becoming the high skilled, specialized, business owner I aspire to be!

Josia Tutaki-Denton

Go Girls Marketing & Design


Are you Ready to dive in?

Committing to a coaching session with me is the first step towards empowering yourself to start or grow your Online Business TODAY!  Don’t hesitate…for less than a pair of designer heels you can have a solid plan to start improve, or build your successful business immediately – and an expert to answer your questions through email support on top of that!   Contact me here to arrange a session.