Meet the best Virtual Assistant I know…


Join Emily for Launch Tech Basics for Virtual Assistants!

I’d like you to meet Emily Kristofferson.

She started her technical Virtual Assistance business just over 3 years ago and quietly rose to the top of the industry, filling her practice with superstar clients.

And you might be surprised to hear she did it while charging a seriously  handsome fee for her services.

It wasn’t long before online entrepreneurs were lining up to work with her and asking for her to privately coach them around how to launch their own business ideas and show them how to ‘do what she does’. This led Emily to her current venture as an Online Launch and Business Consultant , and today she charges upwards of $175/hour for consulting. (Sound good?  It’s true).

She is also my accountability buddy (lucky me, right???!!!) and she has played a BIG part in helping me grow my own successful Virtual Assistance business by sharing her brilliant advice and giving me the helpful butt-kicking I need to keep moving forward, along with a healthy dose of laughs.  Not to mention she has the most lovely phone voice EVER!

For a long time I have been begging Emily to share her secrets with my tribe –  the Virtual Assistants of the world.  To offer some greatly-needed technical training that would show all of Virtual Assistants the techie pieces that make you successful, that allow you to turn a big profit and how to snag those really great clients!  Anyone who is trying to grow a VA biz absolutely needs to know her secrets.  I know it was a lot to ask of her,  Em has been a super-busy gal this year (being an amazing Mom, servicing some BIG clients and transitioning into her new biz at the same time!).  

So I am THRILLED beyond THRILLED that she has finally decided to offer a Virtual Assistant Training Program!

Launch Tech Basics

Launch Tech Basics for Virtual Assistants is going to be a game-changer for any VA who is interested in learning all the ‘techy stuff’ required to be a profitable Virtual Assistant.

In her awesome 4-week program you will master the skills needed to put the pieces of a launch together… including her personal insights, knowledge, tricks, secrets and real-world experience!  Best of all – it’s totally affordable.

You can get ALL the juicy details by clicking here.

You guys probably know I don’t often promote stuff here on the blog for other people.  But I’m making an exception because this training is just SO necessary and I would totally hate for you to miss out!  This is exactly the type of training I have been searching for to recommend to my own clients who need that extra edge to stand out and become an exceptional VA!

PS:  Hurry scurry to take advantage of her early-bird bonus (and also because I have no idea if or when she might be offering this again!)

Here’s that link one last time:  Launch Tech Basics for Virtual Assistants

PPS: I’m a proud affiliate and graduate of Emily’s Launch Training! 

PPPS:  If you know Emily, you love Emily.  Leave a comment if you’d like to share your own experiences working with her!






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