Being a Virtual Assistant made THIS possible…

I’m writing this blog post from warm and sunny Palm Springs, California.

I left my home in Ontario, Canada in a snowstorm with gusting winds and ice pellets whipping at me to arrive later that day in a mini paradise of Palm Trees and sunshine (and sorry, not sorry, I was actually a little too warm at one point)

So what makes it possible to pick up and leave in the middle of a week?  To spend 7 days working and playing and having a life adventure somewhere far from home?  Being a Virtual Assistant does.

In my old life as a sad cubicle-dweller…I didn’t get to choose where to work from.  I got some holiday time…but yeah, I also had to fight with the co-workers over who could take which week off and who would cover.  Well not anymore.

Being a V.A. means I can work hard from anywhere I like.  Some Virtual Assistants are digital nomads…travelling the world and making a living from wherever their heart calls them next.  For me, I love working from home (most of the time)…but I also love that I can pick up and spend a week or two somewhere else without having to ask permission from anyone else.

So why Palm Springs?  I’m actually here to help a client at a Retreat she is hosting for women in business at a resort and spa (rough gig, right?)  So being a Virtual Assistant has also helped me connect with people around the world and given me the opportunity to hang out at AMAZING hotels that I would never have had the opportunity to visit in my ‘office-worker’ days.

I wanted to share this with you – not to brag – or to make anyone feel jealous, but to show other woman what’s possible in this career as a Virtual Assistant.  I get how busy we are.  I’m a working mom, I have 3 kids, two pets and a hubby who often works away from home too.  So Virtual Assistance fits nicely into my days at home taking kiddos to school, car-pooling, cooking and laundry.

This trip, however, has reminded me how absolutely amazing it is to be able to go on adventures and STILL be all of those things. I cannot wait to do this again…and I encourage existing VAs to give it a try…hop on that plane and work from anywhere you like!


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Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.

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