Are You Making This Common V.A. Mistake?

In the beginning – us Virtual Assistants hustle HARD, scouring the net for that first client.  We’re marketing machines. Every hour of our day is spent perfecting our brand, posting on Social Media, mastering new skills and churning out big ideas of what to try next.

Then we get that first client…and another!  Then a few more.  Pretty soon you’ll be able to say with pride and confidence:

“I have a full practice!”

Congratulations my Virtual Assistant sister…you are a success!

This is the point in time when most of us make a crucial mistake:  We start focusing 100% of our time on client work.

We STOP being marketing machines. We STOP pursuing new skills and engaging on social media. We STOP thinking about ideas,our brands and our businesses. We now work entirely IN our businesses and not ON our businesses.  Sound familiar?  I know I’ve been SO guilty of this in the past!  In no time at all our businesses become stagnant.  Sure – we have clients…but our websites start to look tired and old and we can’t grow as an entrepreneur because we’re just so dang busy and have no idea what comes next.

That’s a problem.  Why? Because you became a Virtual Assistant so you could have freedom, money and fun.  So you could be creative and make a handsome profit.  NOT so you could live the ’employee’ lifestyle: Working too hard for too many clients and neglecting your own business.

Solution?  You MUST carve out time to work ON your business. There has to be time, scheduled right into your planner to plan, vision, set goals and (my favorite) THINK about your business. No one wants to be lying in bed stressed out at 3am thinking about their business…you need to schedule thinking time during the day or evening when you can really get into your own head and write it out.

In 2017 I made it an absolute PRIORITY to work ON my business and not just IN it.  I have to share – the results have been phenomenal for me. I’m more productive, my business is a helluva lot more fun and I’ve made more money first quarter than I ever have before in 6 years of running a Virtual Assistance Business.

They system I use is a program developed by “Get it Done Diva“, Marianne Emma Jeff, owner of the Women’s Business Momentum Center, and it’s called “Momentum 365“.

Interested in learning more?  I have insider’s info that the program will be re-opening within the next week or so with a series of FREE training videos to show you what it’s all about. CLICK HERE to get your name on the waiting list now and learn more about this amazing system of power planning!

*Please note: I did not receive any free products, services or anything else for writing this post. I am a paying customer of the Momentum 365 Program.  The only compensation I may receive is in the form of affiliate commissions. 


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Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.

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