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Lisa McDonell The Brainy Gal Virtual Assistant


Lisa McDonell is a Virtual Assistant Business & Lifestyle Coach who inspires and empowers women to launch and grow their own businesses online. Sharing wise and witty advice, she shows both aspiring and seasoned V.A.s how to take their ‘big dreams’ and transform them into profitable companies while living a fun, healthy and supportive lifestyle. Lisa is a self-proclaimed ‘Brainy Gal’. 

"Lisa has really helped me to keep my eye on the ball as I launched my Virtual Assistant business. She has provided wonderful feedback to any of the questions I had and always came prepared with awesome topics and resources for our coaching sessions. Because of her I truly felt that I started ahead of the curve and know where to point my business in the future. She knows this industry and was a wonderful sounding board on some ideas I had, as well as offering her own ideas on how to help me in different aspects of my business. I would have been lost without her!”

Jamie Hovey - JLH Virtual Services

John Doe UI/UX Designer

​I have Lisa McDonell to thank for having a thriving business today. After two years of floundering around trying to figure out my Virtual Assistance business, I decided I needed help and hired Lisa to be my Coach at the first of the year. At that time, I had one client. I now have eleven. Lisa helped me focus on what I wanted my business to be and what niche I should serve. I will be forever grateful and will always look to the Brainy Gal for guidance."

Quay Hayden - Q&K Consulting 

John Doe UI/UX Designer

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